We ensure swift processing of your sales orders by keeping client records, managing content, and importing and exporting data.

Premier BPO LLC’s Supplier Enablement Services provide a process by which we enable our clients to electronically connect to their suppliers (or other trading partners) to fully optimize their supply chain. Supplier enablement is achieved when suppliers of goods and services are connected to a company’s back-office systems in order to exchange critical business documents such as purchase orders, invoices, and other information. Suppliers can be connected, or “enabled,” using a variety of means including Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Extensible Markup Language (XML), Web forms, RFID chips, or other e-commerce tools.

Premier BPO LLC’s Supplier Enablement functions result in major benefits to our clients’ supplier enablement functions including, but not limited to, substantially reduced supply chain costs, significantly improved invoice tracking, impressive reduction in procurement costs, reduction or even elimination of non-value added (manual) processes, and advancements in improved communications. By adopting Premier BPO LLC’s Supplier Enablement functions our clients extend the value of their internal IT investments, such as ERP, into their trading communities— thereby expanding the ROI on an initially internal investment.

While there are many ways in which Premier BPO LLC can enhance the Supplier Enablement functions of our clients’ business organizations, the following represent some examples of the Premier BPO LLC functions for Supplier Enablement:

Electronic catalog enablement and ongoing customer support and maintenance by a team with highly proficient skill sets required for this function;

A full suite of catalog management tools which efficiently and swiftly enable supplier content that is “commerce-ready”;

True content management and syndication to support real-time connectivity and support complex multi-relationship trading environments;

Data entry, importing and exporting, building and cleansing data, as well as aggregating, rationalizing, and enhancing; and

Regularly scheduled file updating, data scrubbing, enhanced description, and specification coding, together with integration to support real-time data, as the necessary link to order processing.

The above capabilities provide instant access to the supplier’s catalog and enables for more efficient and swift processing of sales orders with far greater accuracy, providing for the most up to date and accurate information.