Our highly trained team uses leading technology, and meticulous compliance processing to help focus on patient and physician satisfaction.

Great customer support is the hallmark of successful organizations, and Premier BPO LLC’s deeply experienced and proven customer care process guarantees optimum levels of excellence in quality and productivity while emphasizing client satisfaction. Premier BPO LLC takes the long view to assist our clients in retaining and growing the lifetime value of both our clients and their customers through proven processes and measurable customer service standards.

Why Premier BPO LLC:

The financial success of a medical center depends largely on appropriate billing for patient encounters. Billing for patient encounters is determined by applying complex Medicare rules to determine Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes. CPT requires documentation for several billing components. Specifically, the final billing level is determined by the sum of three major components, which in turn are composed of seven subcomponents. This system becomes more complex when applying additional rules regarding whether patients have been seen in the same clinic within three years, whether encounters reflect consultation or primary care visits, and whether visits constitute preventive care versus so-called comprehensive general medical examinations. Adding to this complexity is the fact that the final billing level may reflect face-to-face encounter time.

Billing mistakes include overbilling and under billing. Under billing can have significant financial repercussions, and both under billing and overbilling are considered Medicare fraud. Billing errors may result in costly audits and legal consequences. Therefore, it is essential that an attending physicians’ documentation reflects the level of complexity suggested by the encounter, and that residents receive adequate coding education to provide appropriate billing codes when entering into practice.

Our highly trained team, use of leading technology, quick ramp-up, and meticulous compliance processes will free you to focus on business building core capabilities. And increased patient and physician satisfaction means more business for you.

Our Medical Billing Services Include:

  • Charge Entry
  • Reconciliation
  • Payment Posting
  • Accounts Receivable Payer Follow-Up
  • Coding Review Audits
  • Provider Data Updates
  • Legacy/Old Accounts Receivables And Follow-Up
  • Overflow Billing Support
  • Pre-Registration/Registration
  • Denial Management and Posting
  • EOB Follow-Up & Denial Analysis
  • Insurance Verification /Financial Counseling
  • Management Reporting

Our Medical Billing Services Offer :

  • Shorter Turn around time
  • Shorter Accounts Receivable cycles
  • Streamlined medical claim preparation
  • Reduced staffing issues and training time
  • Improved patient and physician satisfaction
  • Persistent follow-up with Payers to attain better yields at lower costs
  • Quicker settlements and higher profitability
  • Creating faster and cleaner claims submissions
  • Cleaner medical claims and increased productivity
  • Focus on low dollar accounts to recover revenue
  • Quick denial tracking & efficient appeal and dispute resolution