Premier BPO LLC facilitates companies to act on their behalf and successfully conduct collections in financial recovery procedures as well as analytical reviews of accounts receivables and identification of past due balances included. BPO Collections by Premier is simply cost effective finances/debit recovery, invoices collection, reporting and analytical view on overdue balances, transmitting statements to clients and researching disputed items while acting on behalf of a number of blue chip and fortune 500/1000 companies across the globe.

We provide B2B and B2C collection services to ensure efficient processing of overdue balances, invoices, and client statements. Premier works with client companies to increase their profitability and productivity by removing the burden and expenses of traditional “back-room” systems, processes and people.  This allows their clients to focus on their core competencies, such as product development, sales and marketing.

BPO Collection Services in;

B2B and B2C Collections

  • Communicating with our clients’ Accounts Receivables Departments;
  • Providing details regarding overdue balances;
  • Transmitting copies of requested invoices/statements to clients; and
  • Researching disputed items.