Our support staff can deliver reliable billing services including posting of cash/bank receipts and identification of billed orders.

In today’s challenging economic environment, it is important that companies are able to leverage their resources and extract the most value possible from their expenditures. Our Billing Outsourcing Solutions offers an innovative approach to help businesses increase the capture of Accounts Receivables to reduce the cost of the process and increase working capital.

Our solution delivers measurable results by aligning our client’s technology solutions with our human capital resources. Our Billing Processes are fully transparent and information for each transaction is linked together and accessible by all authorized individuals.

Premier BPO LLC’s Billing Outsourcing aids in our client’s success by providing them with key benefits, including:

  • Reducing invoice deduction issues and receivables dilution
  • Centralized archiving of all receivables data and documents
  • Linking invoices to critical supporting information
  • Notifications of missing documents
  • Facilitating reconciliation of invoices to remittance
  • Reducing operating and collections costs
  • Implementing operational best practices
  • Automating data management, imaging and document linking and workflow
  • Premier BPO LLC’s Billing outsourcing allows your company to quickly reduce costs for its operations and improves collections activities, as well as allows your limited staff to focus on more strategic activities. This, combined with increasing working capital and profitability, provides a high ROI.

Premier BPO LLC’s team is responsive, dedicated, and highly trained to deliver customer satisfaction. We ensure high-quality, consistent service and our regular audit provide clients with the assurance that Premier BPO’s operations controls are in place to provide our clients with an always dependable service.