The national tagline of the Philippines is ‘’It’s More Fun in the Philippines’’. Over our years in the Philippines, Premier BPO LLC has been made aware how real that statement is. It has been very fulfilling to see how the excitement and warmth of the Filipino people carries over from their personal lives to their work lives.

One of the many ways that we harness those strengths is through our Premier CARES program.

Premier CARES was established in the spring of 2012 as a way to give back to the local community. We have partnered with elementary schools to help support their children. Our employees have fostered friendships and greater teamwork through donating their time and school supplies during their off time to help those around them. It is a wonderful program that not only helps to build up the community around us but also builds teamwork, which in turn strengthens the services that we provide to our clients. Premier CARES has provided care and assistance to victims of tragic catastrophes over the years as well.

The most recent of these instances where our Premier BPO Professionals, all of whom are Premier Professionals who serve our Clients, swang into action for public service was an eruption of Taal Volcano in the Philippines which began on January 12, 2020. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) issued an Alert Level 4, indicating that “a hazardous explosive eruption is possible within hours to days”.

The Taal Volcano was a phreatic eruption from the main crater that spewed ashes to all the way to Metro Manila, resulting in the suspension of classes, work schedules, and flights. The volcanic ash suspended life in nearby towns. The entire ground, and crops were covered with ash resulting in making residents from those towns volcanic refugees taking shelter at safest places declared as crisis centers. The volcano remained in Level 4 for about 2 weeks. During this period donations from Metro Manila and other provinces rushed in and that’s when Premier CARES kicked in.

The Premier CARES team gathered dry food, clothes, water supplies and other necessities. On Saturday our team traveled to the destruction sites to deliver these desperately needed materials. A few of our team members were those who rendered their shift on Friday night and then went on with the relief effort the next morning. The Premier CARES team was populated by Premier Professionals who serve virtually all of our Clients.

By January 26, 2020, PHIVOLCS observed inconsistent, but decreasing, volcanic activity in Taal, prompting the agency to downgrade its warning to Alert Level 3. It was a joy and an event of huge fulfillment for our Premier CARES team members as they, once again, experienced the joy of service and realizing that it truly is “more fun in the Philippines”!

The following is a video that will allow you to share in that remarkable experience in which our Premier BPO Professionals were blessed to participate first hand:



Premier BPO employs some of the best and brightest that the Philippines has to offer at our Center of Excellence in Eastwood. We have been blessed with a workforce that is always willing to go the extra distance for each other, for our Clients and for their neighbors and the communities of their Nation. We treat each other like family. We do the same for our Clients and for the communities wherein we live and work.

We appreciate the business entrusted to us by our Clients and we thank our Clients so very much for allowing us to not only serve fine companies such as theirs but also to join with them to do our part to help change the world!