About Premier BPO

Premier BPO is a leading provider of tailored knowledge process solutions for diverse industries, including financial services, healthcare, consumer products, e-commerce, and home services. Our commitment is to become a seamless extension of our client’s business processes by aligning with their culture, values, and objectives. Through a global footprint of a dedicated workforce and technology-driven solutions, we offer unique co-sourcing services—an innovative hybrid outsourcing approach—across key, impactful business functions via a right-shoring model. Premier BPO has delivered exceptional client value since 2003, earning 85% client CSAT and NPS 20% higher than industry average. Learn more at www.premierbpo.com.

Role Description

In the Marketing Analyst role (sometimes referred to as a “Marketing Growth Hacker”) at Premier BPO, you will be responsible for analyzing and leveraging key data-driven insights to identify opportunities for marketing optimization, customer acquisition, business growth opportunities, and continuous improvements. You will play a crucial role in designing and implementing data-driven marketing experiments, analyzing performance metrics, maintaining awareness of industry trends, and providing actionable recommendations to enhance our marketing effectiveness.

Key Responsibilities

  • Advanced Analytic:

Assess marketing campaign performance, customer behavior, and market trends.

  • Experimentation and A/B Testing:

Design and execute A/B tests for optimizing marketing and sales campaigns.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):

Implement strategies to enhance conversion rates at different business development stages.

  • Customer Segmentation:

Analyze customer segments to tailor marketing strategies for specific target audiences.

  • Marketing Automation:

Collaborate for data-driven strategies, improving lead generation and target audience engagement.

  • Predictive Analytic:

Explore and apply predictive analytic techniques for informed marketing strategy planning.

  • Competitor Analysis:

Monitor and analyze competitor marketing strategies for differentiation and improvement.

  • Reporting and Visualization:

Create clear reports and visualizations to communicate marketing performance and insights.

  • Feedback Integration:

Incorporate quantitative and qualitative feedback into design revisions with a focus on collaboration and target audience satisfaction.


  • Experience:

Minimum 3 years of B2B marketing analytics, with 2 years targeting businesses in the USA.
Prior BPO experience is preferred but not required.

  • Education:

Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business analytics, statistics, or a related field.

  • Skills and Expertise:

Proven B2B marketing analytics and growth hacking experience, preferably in B2B or tech-driven settings.
Proficiency in data analytics tools like Google Analytics, Mix panel, or equivalent.
A/B testing platform and methodology experience.
Strong understanding of marketing automation platforms and processes.
Familiarity with predictive analytics and machine learning concepts.
Strong Analytical Abilities
Excellent Communication:
Proactive Time Management Skills

Interested candidates can forward their resumes
at recruitment@staging.premierbpo.com
mentioning Job Title in the subject.