Public Relations firms have gone through a resurgence in recent times. IBISWorld sees marketing budgets increasing as marketing gains more recognition and acknowledgement as a contributor to brand differentiator. This creates an opportunity for growth in earned media.

Nonetheless, the industry is facing some challenges. Revenue is estimated at $14B worldwide according to the Holmes Report. The report estimates growth of the PR industry at about 5%. The Global Communications Report expects the industry to hit $20B by 2020. U.S. PR firms stayed in the average growth range of 5% and are about $6.8B of the $14B worldwide figure.

Smaller PR firms can be more nimble than the big agencies out there by providing specialized services, personalized service and local service. To that end, Premier BPO LLC is offering services tailored to the needs of PR firms.

Premier BPO LLC Services

With the opportunity for growth, PR firms can tap Premier BPO LLC’s expertise to help reach more clients and also offer a richer service portfolio. Below are some examples of services we provide behind the scenes to PR agencies for their internal benefit or as an extension of the agency to their client.

Sales and Lead Generation

  • Identify Prospects

  • Generate Appointments

  • Nurture Leads

  • Create and Format Proposals

  • Research

Sales and Lead Generation
Account Management

Account Management

  • Backend Account Management

  • Compiling and Submitting Reports to Clients

  • Preparing Billing Statements and Tracking Collections

  • Budgeting and KPI Measurement

Client Services

  • Social Media Listening

  • Pitching

  • Vendor Briefing Submissions for Analyst Firms

  • Reputation Management

  • Glassdoor Monitoring

  • Employee Recruiting

  • Press Release Distribution and Submissions

  • SEO based content submission

  • Influencer Recruiting and Tracking

  • Newsjacking

  • Paid Social Media

  • Search Engine Marketing

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