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The expansive Supply Chain Market in the US is a result of consumerism and colossal domestic and international investments in the logistics sector. Bolstered by the requirements created as an aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic breaking out, the transportation industry greatly benefits from Business Process Outsourcing. Third-Party Logistic Providers (3PLs) have enabled shipments and business continuity in these trying times, especially when powered by AI software. Digitization has enabled real-time monitoring and management of all types of consignments which now facilitate the steady flow of goods.

The trucking business is highly competitive and demanding. The companies in this business have to proactively find clients by checking online for available contracts and accounts. Trucking transportation represents 70% of the total freight volume in the US. The total revenue of the trucking industry in the US is around $791.7 billion, according to a report published in 2018 on Statista. Considering these numbers, it is only set to increase in the present-day, ever-increasing, buyer demands. This is also supported by the fact that most companies outsource transportation services to reduce capital expenditures and increase Return on Investment. An outsourced transportation partner should have customized contract management specific to each client.

Logistics Outsourcing Services

How Premier BPO can help you?

Premier BPO outsources logistics industry services to aid with compliance regulations, freight brokerage, and provide administrative services that our customers need. We also delegate staff to surf the web to access available contracts and communicate information to our customers. Our services are tailored to your needs so you can grow your business, reduce the cost of marketing, acquire new prospects, and increase the profitability of your company.
Our offshore delivery models are target-based and Premier BPO has Research and Support Analysts working day and night. Our dedicated teams provide you with solutions based upon subject matter expertise hailing from years of experience. We offer:

  • Data Capturing and reporting tools and support

  • Data Sorting (Accounts A/P, A/R, invoice numbers, carrier names)

  • Payment and cost analysis services

  • Data Screening (receipts, liability checks, backup documents)

  • Data Entry (Codes, Invoices, shipper/receiver information, F/B, B/L)

  • Client Relations (issue resolution, accepting/rejecting bills, overbilling, chat support)

  • Problem-solving (directions, advance payments, escalation, rescheduling)

  • Active response within 24 hours, with round-the-clock support

  • Custom-designed, scalable solutions with testable pilot-plans

  • Data redundancy assurance for recovery

  • Software testing/ QA and development for logistics management

  • Tech-powered operations for accuracy

Handling almost 30,000 invoices for a client per day, Premier BPO offers you Knowledge Process Outsourcing capabilities. Our client relations personnel understand the requirements of your business on a day to day basis and make informed, calculated decisions about liabilities, commodities, and customer relations. Premier BPO’s dedicated offshore teams ensure seamless workflow in all departments.

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